Working for WCF

“A special and unique company”   

Partly owned by our employees, WCF Ltd is a special and unique place to work.  Not only do we have special status known as “Employee Owned”, held by only 500 companies in the UK, we are committed to ensuring that each ‘employee-owner’ has a considerable and meaningful personal contribution and stake in our success.    It is a real privilege to be an ‘employee-owner’ - not only can we build our personal financial share-ownership and benefit from our success, we are awarded the opportunity to work in an environment and be part of a culture where our people are at the heart of everything that we do.    

“Every individual matters” 

Committed to our people, our culture ensures that every individual matters and has a unique opportunity to make a difference to our performance with meaningful, diverse and interesting roles.  Equally, we support and encourage our people to harness their full potential, supporting professional growth and career ambitions.   A company which is committed to colleague engagement and share-ownership, encourages camaraderie and collaboration, provides opportunities for personal development and ensures their people celebrate from its success – what’s not to love?  Let our employee-owners tell you what they love most about being part of the WCF Family.