Welcome to the WCF Family 

The WCF family is made up of decentralised businesses operating across the retail/mail order, e-commerce fulfilment, logistics and leisure sectors. Originally trading as West Cumberland Farmers, WCF has been in operation for over 110 years and has a strong and rich legacy.

Each business is given significant autonomy to ensure that our customers are placed at the heart of everything we do so that they will want to order from us again and recommend us to their friends and family. 

WCF is an employee owned business and our vision, mission and culture have all been developed to ensure that every one of our +300 employee owners have a unique opportunity to make a meaningful difference to our performance and to enjoy diverse and interesting roles. Our employees share in our success financially through an annual Employee Ownership Dividend and the distribution of free WCF shares, intended to encourage retention and long service.

Our legacy, your future, today and tomorrow

Our Vision

To hand WCF over to future generations of employees in a stronger financial position for the future than when we inherited it, so that they can benefit from its continued existence and resilience.

Our Mission

To create a workplace where every employee owner matters and has a unique opportunity to make a difference to our performance with meaningful, diverse and interesting roles.

Our Core Pillars

Customer Retention

Improve customer experience to ensure they want to order again and recommend us to their friends and family

Financial Performance

Be more efficient and make incremental gains in those areas that ultimately improve our performance

People & Culture

Develop diverse and interesting roles for our people and ensure they are engaged to make a positive difference to our performance

Continuous Improvement

Implement new business opportunities, better ways of working and maintain award winning leisure facilities

Safety & Environment

Encourage a culture of safe working and identify ways to reduce our impact on the environment