Colleague Testimonials

"Working for WCF has proven to be the best move I have made in a very long. Being part of the WCF Family, you are an employee owner which is a fantastic idea means we all benefit from our business successes. I have never worked for a company that invests in its employees' development so much or that celebrates every team member".


“I have five non negotiable conditions when looking for a job. A company that inspires me, products I feel passionate about, a position that challenges me, management that encourages and empowers me to do the absolute best I can and a great team to work alongside. WCF offers me all of these things and more!  I love the culture and mindset at WCF, and being part of a team that works hard to support pet owners give their animals the very best. Being an employee owned business really gives you a vested interest in how the company is performing and all the added benefits certainly make for a fantastic employee package!"  


"WCF really put their people at the heart of everything they do - it truly is a company like no other!  Development opportunities, a fun and friendly workplace, a genuine care for our wellbeing, and an ability to celebrate in the company’s success are just a few reasons that make me appreciate just how special it is to be part of the WCF family”.


“As an employee of WCF I feel extremely lucky. Each year the business does more and more to show its gratitude to all staff for our hard work.  WCF invest a tremendous amount in the wellbeing and care of its employees and there are lots of amazing schemes in place to assist with numerous lifestyle challenges… If you need help or advice with anything, whether it’s work-related or personal, the assistance available is brilliant! The work-life balance obtained by working for WCF is truly one of the brilliant parts of my job. The whole team have worked tirelessly over the years to enable staff to have a flexible, family-oriented approach to a working life which really helps you to feel valued and appreciated."


   "Since joining the WCF family in 2019, I have been given many opportunities to progress my career through training courses and was recently promoted… The recognition I have received, and my ongoing training, will continue to give me opportunities to progress in my career."


"I highly recommend working within the WCF family, everyone is welcoming and so supportive within the individual businesses.  All members of the WCF family pride themselves on following the Guiding Principles and working together to achieve Customer Satisfaction.  The company offers a fantastic range of opportunities, and the support and development offered is top of their priority to ensure every working environment is a happy one!"