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WCF are one of the Top 10 independent oil distributors in the UK

Operating around 80 tankers from 12 fuel storage depots from Norfolk to Lincolnshire to Humberside to Northumberland and from Lancashire to Cumbria. WCF have four oil distribution businesses - Allan Stobarts, Chandlers Oil, WCF Fuels North East and WCF Fuels North West. Our oil distribution business has grown through a combination of the acquisition of family owned businesses and organic geographical growth through the addition of new fuel depots.

Our tanker fleet ranges from baby 4-wheelers for the tightest of access through to articulated vehicles and are fitted with on-truck computers to facilitate efficient and safe deliveries for our drivers. We use automated routing software and the expertise of our transport teams to minimise miles travelled and ensure maximum drop efficiency. Green routes are available for our customers. We lease our oil tankers and have a renewal program in place to ensure that our vehicles are manufactured to the most modern of standards.

Our 4 oil distribution businesses operate independently in their own geographies but frequently collaborate to share best practice and benchmark their performance. Our fuels customer base ranges from domestic heating oil customers in rural locations, through agriculture and farmers, a small number of retail filling stations, hauliers, construction and commercial customers. Customers can order on-line, by text or in person by speaking to one of our customer services teams. Many of our larger customers have dedicated account managers to facilitate their ordering experience.

We are working closely with our industry body UKIFDA as the UK transitions from fossil fuels into greener forms of energy and have recently started trials of a green liquid fuel hydrogenated vegetable oil (otherwise known as "HVO") as part of a wider government consultation. We have a Driver Academy to develop our own talent pool of future drivers in response to the widely reported industry shortages and offer our oil distribution drivers a range of additional benefits to supplement their headline rate of basic pay..

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