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Country Collection
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WCF started our home shopping mail order business in 1989 and now operate a WCF home shopping portfolio of 3 brands – Country Collection, James Meade and The Classic Boutique. We aim to be the UK’s most trusted retailer by mail order of high-quality, long-lasting, stylish and timeless classics and co-ordinates to the over 65’s. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to look their best no matter what their age or gender. Our confidence in the quality of our products extends to offering a lifetime product guarantee to our loyal customers whether they buy from Country Collection, James Meade or Classic Boutique. 

All our own garments and our catalogues are designed in the UK by our in-house teams of designers and graphic designers and manufactured for WCF by a number of small businesses both in the UK and overseas. We seek to reduce the miles travelled for our garments wherever possible and use natural sustainable fibres in our clothes. Whilst an increasing proportion of our home shopping sales orders are now received on-line, we offer dedicated customer service telephone contacts for those customers who prefer to chat to us before placing their order. Our customer service representatives are trained to offer advice on colour, styling and fit to our customers. All products are despatched from our warehouse in the rural town of Brampton in Cumbria. 

We have many loyal customer recruitment and retention strategies both on and off line and have our own dedicated marketing and data analysis teams to ensure that we are placing the right products in front of the right customers in the right places at the right time.